Based on Christian Principles

The Genesis of Agape In Home Care
June 19, 2017
AGAPE In Home Care
Agape In Home Care is LIVE!
November 7, 2018

Based on Christian Principles

Agape In Home Care - Christian Principles

Since January 7, 2018 when Pastor Scott Dudley unveiled the updated mission of BelPres, there has been a theme nearly every Sunday encouraging us to “Bring Jesus’ healing wherever we live, work, play or learn”. I had already been looking for a way to apply what I had previously learned regarding the “triple bottom line” of business (increasing not only economic capital but social and spiritual capital as well). It was not a mere coincidence that the first line of the first slide of January’s mission unveiling stated, “The spiritual, relational, economic flourishing of the cities to which God has called us and beyond (aka: revival)”.

Agape In Home Care was founded with this three part, holistic framework at its foundation. While given the option to start as a non-profit, we were challenged to demonstrate that a profitable business could increase social and spiritual profits as well. To that end, we are launching with the intent to thrive and grow with economic stability which will allow us to avoid dependence on fundraising and donations.

Instead of fundraising, we are able to focus most of our attention to providing the highest level of care possible. This will be accomplished through continued investments we make in our Caregivers. Not only do we aim to provide them with the highest wages in the industry, but we will ensure that they are the highest skilled, best equipped and most highly trained in the Caregivers in history. This level of investment not only raises the social wellbeing of our elder community but it also ensures that our Caregivers have better opportunities than they had prior to joining our family. Most of our Caregiver staff are refugees or immigrants and therefore any boost we can enable goes a long way to improving their societal wellbeing.

Our unabashed profession of Jesus Christ as the head of not only His church but also this company, affords us the opportunity to increase the spiritual capital of our community. The policies we implement, the words we use and ultimately every action we take with both our clients and our caregivers will be based on and supported by Biblical principles. Ideally, part of our Plan of Care will be to pray for all our clients and perhaps even participate with them in Bible studies.

We hope to share our faith with those around us in a way that will bring about hope, healing and ultimately revival in the communities were we live, work, play or learn.

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